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Good foods for diabetics: okra

Good foods for diabetics: okra
Since I was diabetic, began researching foods that may assist in treatment. I do not believe in miracle cures, but I believe a number of favorable actions such as treatment adherence, healthy eating, exercise and more or less balanced emotions (balanced find it hard to relax me laughing !!!!) contribute to improve the picture .
So try to eat foods that one way or another can contribute to my well being.
One such food is okra. I love okra with ground beef, chicken, okra with chayote, okra with polenta.
What benefits can bring okra?
In the wikipedia entry we find the following information:

healing properties
According to the literature and several scientific studies, okra is a food:
anticancer, reduces heart attacks, lowers blood cholesterol, relieve intestinal disorders, inflammation of the colon, diverticulitis and stomach ulcers;
acid neutralizer, lubricant intestinal tract, facilitates improvement of burns, psoriasis and soothes poisoning and can be used to treat inflammation in the lungs, irritable bowel syndrome and sore throat.
Influence on diabetes
Studies in mice published in 2011 and 2012 showed that okra intake regulates gene expression in order to favor the control of diabetes, as well as significantly reduce the glucose levels in the blood.
In November 2013, the Brazilian press reported the beneficial effects of okra consumption also in humans, which may eventually come to replace the insulin. After scientific research, okra can be confirmed as the main form of treatment for diabetics.
Well, we should not replace medical treatment without its directions. But for those who like okra, is to join business with pleasure.
Every week I like okra !!!

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